Christina Seelye is the co-founder and CEO of Maximum Games, a global video game publishing company headquartered in the San Francisco area. As a full-service publisher, Maximum Games specializes in bringing console, handheld and PC games to market, handling all aspects of production, packaging, marketing and sales of interactive entertainment products, as well as working with development studios to create games from the ground up.
Christina started the company in 2009, which has since become one of the Top 15 video game publishers in the world, as recognized by NPD. For the past three years Maximum Games has been acknowledged as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America. In 2016, Christina acquired Avanquest UK, and now runs Maximum Games out of two offices (US and UK), continuing to expand its scope of global publishing and distribution via direct reach and strategic partnerships. Christina continues to push boundaries and promote innovation in video gaming.

Christina Seelye sessions

How to Find and Work with a Publisher
Wednesday, October 24th

This presentation will include steps for finding a publisher, what to look for or avoid, and how to maximize a publisher relationship.