Cvetan Rusimov is the COO of Imperia Online, the biggest Bulgarian game studio with more than 13 years on the market. Their flagship title has 45 million registered players. Cvetan is a jury member of the IMGA China Awards and Nordic Game Discovery Contest. He is Adviser at the global game accelerator Game Founders. He is а games industry professional with 17 years management experience in executive leadership roles. Joining Imperia Online, he raised a team of nine to a multi-million dollar company.

Cvetan Rusimov sessions

Player support: the first step in boosting player retention / User Acquisition Math: 101
Thursday, October 25th

Description: attracting and retaining players: two sides of the same coin? Would the right blend of customer support consist of language proficiency, passionate gamers and customer service? The games industry is undergoing dramatic change as customer service becomes another battlefield for winning over players. And here comes the outsourcing advantage! Audience: Games companies Publishers Distributors Developers

How to crack down The Great Wall of China
Thursday, October 25th

Description: Two years in a row, as Jury of IMGA China Awards, Cvetan played and analysed more than 300 of the top Chinese games. He founded that developers from both sides of the ocean, could learn from each other, but first they have to go deeper in the culture and psychology of the other side. […]