Marco started in games in 1998. From Eidos to Electronic Arts, he discovered very soon that niche is cool and contributed to grow a strategy games developer into a very successful strategy games publisher. “Know your market, give love to each game and never give up selling them”, is his motto.
He workled on Italian release of games such Deus Ex, Tomb Raider and Medal of Honor. After he joined Slitherine LTD as Marketing Director, he launched huge successes like Panzer Corps, WH40K Sanctus Reach and Command MANO.
He loves trains, movie soundtracks and history books.

Marco Minoli sessions

How to target a niche audience: short and long term strategies
Wednesday, October 24th

In December 2017, in one month only, Steam published more than 800 games. How can you promote your new game hoping to be seen by gamers on a so crowded online platform? Marco Minoli, Marketing Director for Slitherine LTD, explains our strategy to approach Steam and other digital shops and give greater visibility to our […]