Xavier, 34, is a Software Engineer who entered the video game industry by establishing DotEmu in 2007, a game developer and publisher dedicated into retro-gaming. Xavier was manly in charge of the sales and business development part of the company and licensed or managed deals on 300+ games from 40+ IP owners including Final Fantasy VII, Metal Slug, X-Men (Arcade 1992), Double Dragon, Another World, R-Type, Street Fighter II etc.
In 2014, Xavier Liard sold DotEmu and established Playdigious, a game publishing company and notably worked on Evoland, Mini Metro and White Night.

Xavier Liard sessions

Successfully Publish Premium Mobile Games in 2018
Wednesday, October 24th

Premium (Paid) games are hard to publish on mobile today and account for less that 1% of the market. However with the increasing difficulty to sell indie games on Steam and Switch, the mobile platform should not be underestimated especially for certains game categories. The goal of this presentation would be to illustrate how we […]