Bobby Wertheim is the Senior Content Manager for SEGA Europe. During Bobby’s 10 years in the industry, Bobby has worked in QA, Production, Business Planning and now works for SEGA Europe’s outreach team, Searchlight. Bobby is on the look out to meet developers with a consumer focus, a clear vision of what they want to create, thinks digitally first (in terms of content delivery, including communication etc) while having a long-term view of what they want to achieve.

Bobby Wertheim sessions

Working with publishers on external development projects
Wednesday, October 24th

Description: Panel discussion on building and managing relationships with publisher/developer, and how to get stay competitive in an ever-congested market. The discussion will also cover how independent developers should approach pitching new concepts to publishers for funding and marketing support. Audience: Work for hire and co-dev vendors offering their services to publishers/developers, as well as independent developers […]