Games as a Service Monetization: The Lootbox Outcry

Wednesday, October 24th

À Room 2 Monetization By: Patrick Rose, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe

The lootbox debate was one of loudest of the past few months, going beyond the usually narrow confines of industry debate, and attracting the attention of legislators in several countries around the world. Discussions about lootbox monetization systems are not a new thing, but the releases of certain full-price AAA products featuring lootboxes attracted the […]

Payment methods: big influence to gaming industry?

Wednesday, October 24th

À Room 2 Categories: Monetization By: Faheem Bakshi, Kinguin

One of the biggest revenue stream – Gaming industry. This presentation includes how important the fintech contribution is towards the biggest accomplishment in gaming revenues.

The Three Pillars of Free-to-Play Monetization

Wednesday, October 24th

À Room 1 Categories: Monetization By: Antubel Moreda, Flaregames

“After marketing support, expertise on monetization is the most sought-after service that mobile game developers expect from a publishing partner like Flaregames. Developers want to know the key issues when evaluating a game’s monetization, and for this we often fall back on the Three Pillars of Monetization: our model which examines the critical factors underlying […]