External Development – tips and steps to manage a successful relationship with your vendor

Wednesday, October 24th

À Room 2 xDev By: Réka Sugár, Electronic Arts

The presentation would show what kind of steps you need to make in order to build a working relationship with your vendor in 4 steps: finding the right vendor, onboarding process, the work itself and retrospective.

External development for indies: why and how?

Wednesday, October 24th

À Room 2 Categories: xDev By: David Roulin, Piñata Punch

Description: It is a common belief that indie game developers do not outsource anything. Some even take pride in that idea. This talk is about exploring why indies could outsource work and how they should do it. We’ll cover many aspects, from ethics to budget, method and art direction.

Working with publishers on external development projects

Wednesday, October 24th

À Room 2 Categories: xDev By: Bobby Wertheim, Sega Carl Schmidt, Zynga Mitsuo Hirakawa, Sony Interactive Entertainment Stefan Teubner, Bigpoint GmbH

Description: Panel discussion on building and managing relationships with publisher/developer, and how to get stay competitive in an ever-congested market. The discussion will also cover how independent developers should approach pitching new concepts to publishers for funding and marketing support. Audience: Work for hire and co-dev vendors offering their services to publishers/developers, as well as independent developers […]