speaker Micro Creative UA strategies: Best practices from Wooga
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Creative UA strategies: Best practices from Wooga

Date : Thursday, October 25th - 15.00 - 15.30 > Room 2

These days it's extremely important to stand out with your marketing activities in order to attract users to your product. Same goes to a mobile gaming market, with so many games out there it became extremely difficult to show a uniqueness of each game and why user should play exactly that one and not another. That's where creativity takes place. In this session we will go though the Wooga's creative approach. You will learn how we work on creative production, which creatives worked out for us the best in the last year (expect some examples of videos and banners) , how we work on a creative briefing. There will be also discussed internal & external production sides, as well as its pros and cons.


Elena Tsarkova (Wooga GmbH)