speaker Micro Games as a Service Monetization: The Lootbox Outcry

Games as a Service Monetization: The Lootbox Outcry

Date : Wednesday, October 24th - 10.30 - 11.00 > Room 2

The lootbox debate was one of loudest of the past few months, going beyond the usually narrow confines of industry debate, and attracting the attention of legislators in several countries around the world. Discussions about lootbox monetization systems are not a new thing, but the releases of certain full-price AAA products featuring lootboxes attracted the attention of a broad audience – serving as a lightning rod for a wider discussion about what constitutes “fair” post-release monetization. This lecture is an investigation on why these monetization systems caused such outcry, and how lootboxes can be avoided without missing out on monetization opportunities.


Patrick Rose (BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe)