speaker Micro How to crack down The Great Wall of China

How to crack down The Great Wall of China

Date : Thursday, October 25th - 13.30 - 14.00 > Room 1

Description: Two years in a row, as Jury of IMGA China Awards, Cvetan played and analysed more than 300 of the top Chinese games. He founded that developers from both sides of the ocean, could learn from each other, but first they have to go deeper in the culture and psychology of the other side. From the Concept of Fairness, through Meta Games, Monetization Myths and Players Behavior, he will show you that the differences are way more than similarities. Asia is Action – West is command.

Audience: Anyone who wants to enter the Chines Market or just to create a game suitable for Asia! Self-published developers, Publishers even Marketing Agencies. There is no prerequisite knowledge necessary for understanding the content.

Takeaways: You will see a lot of Chinese Myths busted! The harsh truth is that the gate to the biggest mobile market is heavily locked, and there are plenty of other low hanging fruits out there.


Cvetan Rusimov (Imperia Online)