speaker Micro Make your way to the Korean market

Make your way to the Korean market

Date : Thursday, October 25th - 11.30 - 12.00 > Room 1

What are the core factors for successful Kroean game maket entry - as a publisher or as a developer through partnership with Korean game market players ? The core success and considered factors are presented for overseas game developers or publishers considering Korean market entry as a publisher or publishing partnership with Korean publisher as a developing studio.

In order to list up the factors, the followings are presented and reviewed:
- overall market review : total market volume / market volume by game category and genre / game users in total and by prefered genre / OS platform / market place structure
- major performance stats : general downloading numbers for top 10,20, 50 ranking , retention rate / ARPU /
- Key market players : publisher / developer / other players and their traits
- recent market trend in overall and by genre / new coming trend
- core marketing tools and method
- the market difference by comparison against other Asia game markets including China and Japan

Throughout reviewing the market and checking the core traits, Anyone considering successful Korean game market entry and publishing partnership as developers can raise up the understanding level.


Sean Lim (Kunlun Korea)