speaker Micro Mobile Game Launch Failed: What Now?

Mobile Game Launch Failed: What Now?

Date : Wednesday, October 24th - 10.30 - 11.00 > Room 1

In today’s mobile industry, 99% of game launches fail. Most developers will not dwell on their failures and move on to the next project, although there are alternative routes for a disappointing launch. Join Samir El Agili, President of Tilting Point, in his talk about the ways around a failed F2P launch through levers of user acquisition, ad monetization and IP/brand integration. This talk will further delve into the declining importance of app store visibility and the need for paid marketing for a game to succeed. Samir will go over real life cases of mobile game revivals and share practical advice for developer and publishers in all sizes on how to evade a failed launch but also how to recover from it.


Samir El Agili (Tilting Point)