speaker Micro The Three Pillars of Free-to-Play Monetization

The Three Pillars of Free-to-Play Monetization

Date : Wednesday, October 24th - 10.00 - 10.30 > Room 1

"After marketing support, expertise on monetization is the most sought-after service that mobile game developers expect from a publishing partner like Flaregames. Developers want to know the key issues when evaluating a game’s monetization, and for this we often fall back on the Three Pillars of Monetization: our model which examines the critical factors underlying free-to-play success. Pillar one, and the foundation for strong F2P monetization, is appealing and scalable content. These are the fundamentals: what mechanics are appealing, and how do they interconnect? Can this scale? Pillar two is content appetite, which separates the most successful games from poorly-performing ones. What sparks a player’s interest in achieving things within the game's ecosystem? How do they progress? Pillar three, then, is merchandising: the culmination of the players’ desire for progress and content, either through in-app purchases or incentivized video ads. In this talk, Game Architect Antubel Moreda will cover what’s involved in each of these pillars and offer practical examples of optimizing them from Flaregames’ own experiences. He will also argue that teams are at risk of overvaluing pillar three due to the quick wins it can provide, but ultimately stand a better chance of creating a successful free-to-play game by adopting a holistic approach."


Antubel Moreda (Flaregames)