speaker Micro Working with publishers on external development projects

Working with publishers on external development projects

Date : Wednesday, October 24th - 11.30 - 12.30 > Room 2

Description: Panel discussion on building and managing relationships with publisher/developer, and how to get stay competitive in an ever-congested market. The discussion will also cover how independent developers should approach pitching new concepts to publishers for funding and marketing support.

Audience: Work for hire and co-dev vendors offering their services to publishers/developers, as well as independent developers looking to pitch their original game concepts to publishers for funding.

Takeaways: Understanding how publishers select and engage with service providers and managing expectations up and downstream. Advice on how to tailor your pitch to suit each publishers to have a better chance of success.


Bobby Wertheim (Sega) Carl Schmidt (Zynga) Mitsuo Hirakawa (Sony Interactive Entertainment) Stefan Teubner (Bigpoint GmbH)